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Kalium Lauroyl Glutamaat

Structural formulaC11H23CONHCH(COOK)CH2CH2COOH

CAS No:89187-78-0

Validity period:One year

Solvent-free, low irritation, and very mild;

It has excellent stability and good foaming ability in a wide pH range;

The foam is fine and the skin is moisturized and not dry or tight after use;

Excellent compatibility, compatible with other anionic surfactants, reduce skin irritation;

Potassium salt has better solubility than the sodium salt.

Voorkoms(25°): Clear to slightly turbid liquid

Kleur(Hazen): ≤40

PH(10% aqueous solution):8.0-9.5

Solid content(%):40±2.0


High Quality Potassium Lauroyl Glutamate CAS No.: 89187-78-0

Main uses: This product is widely used in soap-based facial cleansers, gesigsreinigers, stort gels, sjampoe, shaving creams, hand seep, eye care products, etc.

Recommended dosage

Main surfactant:20~40%

Auxiliary surfactant:1~10%

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