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Elevate your ketogenic journey with our premium Exogenous Ketones, including Ketone Ester, meticulously crafted to enhance energy, mental clarity, and fat burning. As a reliable Ketone Ester supplier (CAS 1208313-97-6), we offer a high-quality product designed to accelerate ketosis, stimulate cognitive function, and aid in weight management. Boost your performance with our Ketone Ester, available for purchase in bulk or wholesale. Trust the expertise of a Ketone Ester manufacturer dedicated to excellence. Seize the benefits of ketosis and order now from our Ketone Ester distributor. Experience a new level of vitality, focus, and overall well-being. Notiz: Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

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Unlock Optimal Performance with Exogenous Ketones: Your Path to Ketosis

Embark on a journey of enhanced energy, mental clarity, and fat burning with our premium Exogenous Ketones, including Ketone Ester and Ketone Salts. As a trusted Ketone Ester supplier (CAS 1208313-97-6), we are dedicated to providing a high-quality product for your ketogenic needs.

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(R)-(R)-3-hydroxybutyl 3-hydroxybutanoate;D-beta-Hydroxybutyrate ester;[(3R)-3-hydroxybutyl] (3R)-3-hydroxybutanoate;(3R)-3-Hydroxybutanoic acid (3R)-3-hydroxybutyl ester;Butanoic acid, 3-hydroxy-, (3R)-3-hydroxybutyl ester, (3R)-;R-BHB;BD-AcAc 2



Molecular formula







colorless transparent liquid


1kg/bottle, 5kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel


  1. Accelerate Ketosis:
    • Whether you’re on a strict keto diet or not, our Exogenous Ketones facilitate the swift entry into ketosis, promoting fat burning for energy even without high-intensity exercise. Purchase from a reliable Ketone Ester supplier for optimal results.
  2. Boost Energy and Performance:
    • Stimulate your liver to produce more ketone bodies, elevating your body’s energy production. Experience a surge in physical performance and endurance. Buy Ketone Ester 1208313-97-6 from our trusted source.
  3. Enhance Cognitive Function:
    • Elevate mental clarity, memory, and concentration with the proven cognitive benefits of exogenous ketones. Unleash your cognitive potential and stay sharp throughout the day. Trust a Ketone Ester manufacturer dedicated to excellence.
  4. Appetite Control for Weight Management:
    • Our Exogenous Ketones help in reducing appetite, supporting weight loss goals, and aiding in blood sugar level control. Say goodbye to hunger pangs and hello to a more controlled, satisfied you. Available for purchase from a Ketone Ester bulk supplier.

Why Choose Our Exogenous Ketones:

  • Crafted for effectiveness and purity, our Exogenous Ketones are the perfect addition to your ketogenic journey. Whether you’re a seasoned keto enthusiast or a beginner, our supplements are designed to optimize your experience and results. Buy Ketone Ester 1208313-97-6 with confidence.

How It Works:

  • When you’re in a state of ketosis, our Ketone Ester and Ketone Salts assist your liver in breaking down fat into energy-rich ketone bodies. These ketones are then efficiently transported through your bloodstream, fueling your cells and promoting optimal performance.

Seize the benefits of exogenous ketonesfrom accelerated ketosis to improved cognitive function and appetite control. Elevate your ketogenic experience with our premium Exogenous Ketones. Order now from our Ketone Ester distributor and unlock a new level of energy, focus, and vitality.

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