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Natrium Lauroyl Metiel Isetionaat & Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate

May 10, 2021

The Differences Between Surfactant SLMI and SLSa Powder

1) Bubble appearance :
Natrium Lauroyl Metiel Isetionaat(SLMI)

Large and small bubbles
Rinses easily
Creamy foam feel
Tacky skin feel

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(SLSa)

Very fine, stable bubbles
Creamy foam feel
Skin not dry

2) Surfactant foam
Foaming: initial foam height cm

Foam stability: Foam height/initial foam height (%) after 5 minutes The influencing factors for stabilizing the foam system Viscosity of the system (liquid phase viscosity), the viscosity increases, the stronger the foam performance, the lower the drainage capacity
Shaking foam test (0.2% active solution at 25°C)

SLMI: 300 cm without oil, 260 cm after 5 minutes SLSa: 360 cm without oil 340 cm after 5 minutes

SLMI: with oil , 260 cm 5 minutes later 245 cm SLSa: with oil, 260 cm 5 minutes later 245 cm

3) Surfactant mildness
Test zein test, which is a test of the degree of effect of surfactants on living proteins.

The less protein dissolves, the milder the surfactant, Test the irritation of surfactants with zein Take SLS as an example, its zein value is 100

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate SLSa: 58

Natrium Lauroyl Metiel Isetionaat SLMI: 55

4) PH:
Natrium Lauroyl Metiel Isetionaat(SLMI) :4.8 Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(SLSa) :7.0

5) Active Substance :
Natrium Lauroyl Metiel Isetionaat(SLMI) : 76% Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(SLSa) :80%

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