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Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate 40754-59-4 (MES 30%)

Disodium Laureth(3) Sulfosuccinate (MES 30%)
CAS No.:    40754-59-4

1. Excellent performance of washing, emulsifying, dispersivity, wetting, and solubilizing.
2. Low irritation, and reduce the irritation of other surfactants.
3. Close and abundant foam, low-cost high performance.
4. Excellent performance of lime soap dispersing and hard water resistant.
5. Good combining with other surfactant and herbal extracts(as glesditisia siensis,tuber fleece flower root), forming a very stable system, formulating natural product.
6. Low degreasing, moderate washing property, easy flushing, and no greasy feel.


Appearance Colorless or yellowish clear viscous liquid
under common temperature
Solid content (%) ≤35.0
Active content(%) 30.0±2.0
Na2SO3(%) ≤0.50
Foaming(mm) ≥150
Colour(APHA) ≤50
PH(10% water solution) 5.5-6.5


Mainly used in daily detergent and industry as emulsifier in emulsion polymerization.
Recommend usage:3-8%.
Packaging & Shipping
Net weight 200 kg, plastic barrel.

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