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Natrium Cocoyl Alaninaat

Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate is an extremely mild amino-acid surfactant, with high foamability in faintly acid to neutral. It can reach excellent synergistic effect when combined with other surfactant , meanwhile reduce irritation and improve foamability. It’s widely used in facial cleanser and other personal care products.

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1, oplosmiddelvrij, mild, lage irritatie, low salt products with high purity
2, good foaming, improve the wettability after cleansing, reduce the tightness
3, excellent compatibility, and can be used in combination with other surfactants, reducing system irritation
4, strong anti-static ability, enhance hair combability, and fullness

Main applicationThis product is widely used in silicone-free shampoo, douchegel, Reinigende lotion, cleansing cream, gezichtsreiniger, hand soap, detergent, enzovoort.

Aanbevolen dosering:
Belangrijkste oppervlakteactieve stof: 20~40%
Auxiliary surfactant::1~10%

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