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Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate Main applicationThis product is widely used in soap-based cleansing cream, cleansing lotion, shower gel, şampuan, foam shaving products, oral cleaning products, el dezenfektanı, laundry detergent, ve benzeri.

Recommended dosage

Ana yüzey aktif madde:20~50%

Yardımcı yüzey aktif madde:1~15%

Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate Characteristics

1, solvent içermez, mild, düşük tahriş

2, excellent foaming, synergistic foaming with other surfactants, improve foam quality

3, good compatibility, especially for soap-based products, and can effectively reduce irritation and increase foam stability

4, easy to rinse, make skin feel smooth and not tight

  1. INCI Name
  2. CAS Numarası.
Sodyum Kokoil Glisinat
Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate is an amino acid surfactant, which is extremely soft to the skin, make the skin fresh and smooth after washing. It can be compatible with anionic, cationic, nonionic and other amphoteric surfactants. It has a mild cleansing and moisturizing effct, excellent foaming performance, foaming is rich and stable, flexible and has excellent adaptability to hard water; It is used in soap-based systems to reduce the irritation of soap base, improve foam texture, and be used in shampoo systems to improve foam properties. This product has excellent biodegradability, safe use and no impact on the environment.
şampuan, facial cleanser and other personal washing products etc. Dosage:1-10%
Item Unit Typical value
Dış görünüş 25ºC Clear to slightly turbid liquid
Solid content % 29.0-31.0
Sodyum klorit % 4-6
pH 9.0-11.0

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