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    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate SCI-85 Granular for sale

    Produkta nomo : Natria Kokoil Isetionato
    INCI: Natria Kokoil Isetionato
    Molecualr formula: CH3(CH2)nCH2COOC2H4SO3Na
    Pakado: 25kg net per fiber drum or 500kg net per supersacks.
    Apliko: Sodium cocyl isethinate can be used as a surfactant for cosmetics and toiletries, especially mild shampoos, foam baths,baby products, dentopasto.

    Commonly known as Baby Foam due to its exceptional mildness, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate Raw Material is a surfactant that is comprised of a type of sulphonic acid called Isethionic Acid as well as the fatty acid – or sodium salt ester – obtained from Coconut Oil. It is a traditional substitute for sodium salts that are derived from animals, namely sheep and cattle.

    Sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) is an important surfactant ingredient in mild, syndet (synthetic detergent) cleansing bars. In vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated that SCI is mild and less damaging to the skin barrier than soaps and surfactants such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS).

    When added to this kind of formulation…

    Liquid Soap


    Shower Gel

    Baby Products


    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate functions as a(n):

    • Cleanser
    • Foaming Agent
    • Emollient
    • Moisturizer
    • Conditioner
    • Softener


    It helps to:

    • Lift and remove dirt
    • Hydrate the hair and skin to protect against dryness
    • Create rich, foaming lather
    • Prevent frizz
    • Increase product viscosity
    • Moisturize, condition, and soften
    • Reduce tangling


    The recommended maximum dosage is 10-15%

    When added to these kinds of formulations…

    Bar Soap

    Bath Bombs

    Foaming Bath Butter/Bath Whip/Cream Soap

    Bubble Bars

    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate functions as a(n):

    • Moisturizer
    • Emollient
    • Cleanser
    • Softener
    • Conditioner
    • Foaming Agent


    It helps to:

    • Emulsify formulations and increase their viscosity, which contributes a creamier texture
    • Lift and remove dirt
    • Soothe skin
    • Hydrate, condition, and soften the skin to reduce irritation, cracking, and peeling


    The recommended maximum dosage is 3%-20%

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