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    Natriumlauroylmetylisetionat (SLMI) Til salgs

    Produktnavn : Natriumlauroylmetylisetionat (SLMI)
    INCI: Natriumlauroylmetylisetionat
    Molekylær formel: C15H30O5S.Na
    Molekylær vekt: 344.44253
    Pakking: 25kg/trommel;50kg/trommel;500kg/bag
    Utseende‍: White Chips/Flakes
    pH-value‍: 5,5-7,0
    Originalt materiale‍: Den er produsert av 100% coconut-based Lauric Acid
    WAS//washing active substance‍: 65-85%

    Natriumlauroylmetylisetionat (SLMI) is a very mild sulfate-free surfactant that can be used individually or as a co-surfactant. In formulations, it produces a dense creamy foam and cleans very gently. It can be rinsed out very well and leaves a pleasant skin feeling thanks to its slightly conditioning effect. Due to its very good water solubility, clear liquid formulations can be produced with the SLMI. SLMI is hydrolytically stable and can therefore be incorporated into formulations with a pH value of 4.5 to 8.5.
    Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate is easily biodegradable.
    SLMI is dissolved in water at 50-60 °C. The other ingredients can then be added to the formulation during the cooling phase.

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