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    Natri Cocoyl Glutamat 30%
    CAS Number: 68187-32-6
    EINECS No: 269-087-2
    công thức cấu tạo:RCONHCH(COONa)CH2CH2COOH R:dầu dừa
    Sodium cocoyl glutamate is an amino acid surfactant synthesized by chemical reaction of cocoyl chloride and glutamate fermented from corn. As a natural anionic surfactant of plant-origin, sodium cocoyl glutamate has properties of low toxicity, mildness and skin-friendly in addition to its basic properties such as emulsification, washing, penetration and dissolution.

    Product Properties:

    Plant origin, natural and mild;
    It has excellent foam properties in a wide range of pH values;
    It will produce exquisite and soft foam with natural coconut fragrance, and has a conditioning effect on skin and hair, making it feels comfortable and soft during after washing.

    1, không dung môi, kích ứng thấp, very mild

    2. Excellent stability and good foaming ability in a wide pH range

    3, the foam is fine, the skin is moisturized after use, and not dry, not tight

    4, excellent compatibility, compatibility with other anionic surfactants, reducing skin irritation

    Main specifications:

    Vẻ bề ngoài Colorless transparent to light yellow turbid liquid
    PH value (original solution) 9.0~11.0
    Active matter content 28.0%~32.0%
    Màu sắc (APHA) 150
    Sodium chloride 3.0~6.0%
    Heavy metal (Pb) <10ppm
    Arsenic (AS) <2ppm

    Usage Level: 5%~30%
    Package: liquid: 200KG/Drum; 1000KG/IBC
    Product Application:
    Due to its properties of safety and weak acidity ,sodium cocoyl glutamate is mainly used for development of moisturizing facial cleanser and foam cleanser ,as well as shampoo and body washing products,especially for transparent product with low pH value.
    This material can also be used as auxiliary surfactant: it is helpful to surfactants with worse rinsing effect as sodium lauroyl sarcosinate,APG and CAB etc; it has good compatibility with soap based surfactants, to improve foam shape and tautness of soap based products.

    Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate Main applicationThis product is widely used in soap-based cleansing creams, sữa rửa mặt, sữa tắm, dầu gội đầu, shaving creams, hand lotions, eye care products, etc.

    Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate Recommended dosage

    Chất hoạt động bề mặt chính:20~40%

    Auxiliary surfactant:1~10%

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